Coronavirus Update

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The Government rules concerning covid-19 and the wearing of masks have changed, including what should happen in places of worship. Therefore, as you come to worship please be aware of the following things:  

  1. Everyone over the age of 11 years old will need to wear a mask at all times (both as you move around the building and sit for worship).
  2. Although the rules say that masks can be removed for singing, we think it is wise for people to wear masks at all times INCLUDING when we sing. We are going beyond the government’s requirements because we know that singing particularly increases the spread of the Covid virus, and we think we should take this extra precaution to protect all those present at our service.
  3. Children under 11 and anyone with a health condition or disability which means they cannot wear a face covering don’t need to wear masks.
  4. The only time masks can be removed is for eating and drinking refreshments. But even at these times please be sensitive to others around you and replace your mask as soon as you have finished. 
  5. Face coverings are not required for children’s activities such as toddlers groups, Sunday school, youth groups or youth bible studies held inside church premises.
  6. Face coverings also need to be worn at all other meetings on Church premises e.g. prayer meetings, Bible studies and small group meetings. 

We appreciate that returning to mask wearing will be difficult and frustrating for some. But throughout the pandemic we have sought to follow the Government guidelines and rules with the aim of minimising the spread of the virus and showing care and concern for others. We will continue to keep things under review and update whenever the need arises. 

Most of our activities are back up and running as normal.  We are back in King Edward VII Upper School for our morning services and have restarted our crèche and Sunday school. We have also restarted our other midweek activities

We have done a full risk assessment and sought to do everything we can to make our building and meetings as Covid-secure as possible. For further information see the documents available below to reassure you that it will be safe for you to join with us at our face-to-face gatherings.

Please get in touch using our contact page if you have any questions.

All morning services begin at 10:30am. All evening services begin at 6pm. ***Over the Christmas period please check the main page for times and locations of services.***

Risk Assessment

Safety Guidelines