Coronavirus Update

Hello! Thanks for visiting our website.

As we progress out a third lockdown, it is necessary for us to make our forward plans cautiously and circumspectly.

For now, we have decided to hold in-person services every Sunday morning. We are looking to run in-person services in the evenings soon. All services are available to join online.

We will seek to update this information on a regular basis should it be necessary to implement any changes.  We make our plans knowing that they must be subject to the Lord’s will.

We believe we should comply with the new guidance and regulations and seek to apply them in the most appropriate way. This remains a time to show solidarity with a government and society concerned to see the rates of transmission of the virus brought down, for the public good. Public good in this instance includes alleviating suffering from Covid and pressure on the NHS. This follows from chapter 24, articles 1 and 4, of our confession, The Savoy Declaration

Likewise, the government is not preventing us from doing gospel work. Neither does the legislation specifically target the Christian church, or disturb our ways, worship, religious liberty or any doctrine of the gospel. So, it follows from the same chapter that we are still bound to honour and obey governments in this matter.

However, at the same time, we’re aware of the doubts over the lawfulness of these guidelines. And are thankful for the robust representation to the government by the churches.

Therefore, for the time being, we are showing solidarity with society and honouring the government for the public good; whilst patiently waiting for the outcome of the judicial review brought by Christian Concern. 

We have done a full risk assessment and sought to do everything we can to make our building and meetings as Covid-secure as possible. For further information see the documents available below to reassure you that it will be safe for you to join with us at our face-to-face gatherings.

All morning services begin at 10:30am. All evening services begin at 6pm.