Coronavirus Update

Hello! Thanks for visiting our website.

We are currently meeting in our building and are enjoying being able to worship and have fellowship with one another. We’re grateful that we can sing in our services once more.

Conscious that mask-wearing and social distancing are still necessary for some, we have created separate seating areas in our services where this can take place for people who want to. Please get in touch using our contact page if you have questions about how this works.

Most of our activities are back up and running as normal.  We are back in King Edward VII Upper School for our morning services and have restarted our crèche and Sunday school. We have also restarted our other midweek activities

We have done a full risk assessment and sought to do everything we can to make our building and meetings as Covid-secure as possible. For further information see the documents available below to reassure you that it will be safe for you to join with us at our face-to-face gatherings.

All morning services begin at 10:30am. All evening services begin at 6pm.